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Greek letter societies

Subject Source: Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 78 Collections and/or Records:

AMST 1007 American studies web museum: Race and Education at Middlebury College, 2012 January

Identifier: s7_amst_aswm
Scope and Contents Archived website entitled "Race and Education at Middlebury College" created by students in Professor Holly Allen's January 2012 American Web Museum course.

Individual webpages include "Philomathesian Society Debates Racial Issues," "Martin Freeman and Liberia," "Middlebury Fraternities and Racial Exclusion," "Black Student Union," "Middlebury's Curriculum: A Call for Diversity," and "Middlebury Athletes of Color."
Dates: 2012 January

Armstrong, Carol, April 13, 2015

Identifier: MOH162
Scope and Contents Interview with Carol Armstrong, conducted by Middlebury College Archivist, Danielle Rougeau on April 13, 2015 in Old Chapel. Dedication of Eve Adler, Classics dept. (00:44); coordinate vs. co-ed education in the 1960s (3:46); student protests 1960's (7:00); burning of building (14:35); faculty president relations (20:29); First female tenured faculty member - Marjorie Lambert (21:18); faculty tenure (25:49); decoration committee and role of president's wife (29:06); President...
Dates: April 13, 2015

Baer, Rosemary Faris (Class of 1934), June 3, 1994

Identifier: MOH88
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Rosemary Faris Baer, Middlebury College Class of 1934. During the interview, Baer discusses the French major; Professor Stephen Freeman; Depression; sororities and fraternities; Bread Loaf, student apathy; and the spiritual beauty of the country.
Dates: June 3, 1994

Beers, Douglas Stowe (faculty), May 7, 1986

Identifier: MOH44
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Douglas Stowe Beers, Middlebury College Professor of English. Beers discussed his undergrad and graduate experience at Yale; salary; President Moody; Breadloaf; his experience as head of the acting department; President Stratton; his experience of chairman of the division; staff relations; student social activites; comprehensive exams; chaperoning frat parties; class stories; other job offers; female vs. male students; and Robert Frost.
Dates: May 7, 1986

Berry, Eleanor (Class of 1932), July 5, 1989

Identifier: MOH61
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Eleanor Berry, Class of 1932. Static starts at 15 - 22 minutes and throughout the interview. Berry discusses how she was accepted into Middlebury; restrictions on women; student organizations; foreign language department; French; Chateau; Greek; Theatre; Dr. Cook; the English department; guest speakers; President Moody; Eleanor Ross; Board of Trustees; Forest Hall; the Great Depression; World War II; President Stratton's drinking problem; student social life; fraternities;...
Dates: July 5, 1989

Bliss, Eleanor (Class of 1959, staff), June 2, 1994

Identifier: MOH85
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Eleanor S. (Bliss) Heurtley, Class of 1959, by Natalie Norman. During the interview, Heurtley discusses the chemistry major; family legacy; women at college; sororities; the relationship between Middlebury College and the town of Middlebury, Vermont; political passivity; the status of women; single parenting; alumni activities; and changes at the College.
Dates: June 2, 1994

Chi Psi scrapbook, 1900

 Item — Box 2, Folder: 1, Object: 1
Identifier: S6
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains photographs of members of Chi Psi from the classes of 1901, 1902, and 1904.
Dates: 1900

Class of 1915 Elbert Charles Cole scrapbook, 1911-1915

Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains a variety of print ephemera compiled by Cole, including photographs (including several large photographs of interior of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house), academic records, dance cards, programs (plays, musical performances, Forefather's Day, commencement, senior night, athletic events), newspaper clippings, athletic schedules, constitutions and bylaws (Women's Student Government Association, Athletic Association, Inter-Fraternity Council), drawings, and menus....
Dates: 1911-1915

Class of 1917 Arthur Thomas Vaughn scrapbook, 1913-1917

 Item — Box 92
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Student activities; WWI; campus buildings; athletics; greek life; trip to California.
Dates: 1913-1917

Class of 1918 James Cardell scrapbook, 1914-1918

 Item — Box 60
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains programs from plays and sporting events, photographs, newspaper clippings, and materials related to the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity, as well as a program from a 1915 screening of D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation" at Middlebury.
Dates: 1914-1918

Class of 1920 Solymn Miner scrapbook, 1916-1920

 Item — Box 63
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents "Book of Friends" (info about fellow students); Kappa Delta Rho; WWI; campus buildings; commencement; junior prom; academic records
Dates: 1916-1920

Class of 1922 Karl August Brautigam scrapbook, 1918 - 1919

 Item — Box 88, Folder: 6
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains photographs--many in color--of Middlebury College students and Middlebury, VT landscapes between 1918 and 1919. A particular emphasis is placed upon members of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, of whom there is an extensive collection of small portrait photographs.
Dates: 1918 - 1919

Class of 1922 Karl August Brautigam scrapbook, 1917-1922

 Item — Box 88, Folder: 5
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook, compiled by Brautigam, contains photographs of students and student life dating between 1917 and 1922. Most of the photographs concern the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Dates: 1917-1922

Class of 1923 Allen Douglass Bliss scrapbook, 1927-1929

 Item — Box 75
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents newspaper clippings; receipts; letters + correspondence; New England flood of 1927; chemistry; performing arts programs; Alpha Chi Sigma; Harvard University; various forms.
Dates: 1927-1929

Class of 1923 Allen Douglass Bliss scrapbook, 1929-1931

 Item — Box 78
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Harvard University; alumni; newspaper clippings; receipts + tickets; Alpha Chi Sigma; postcards; letters + correspondences
Dates: 1929-1931

Class of 1923 Dorothy Mitta Parsons scrapbook, 1919-1924

 Item — Box 69
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents "Book of Friends;" concert tickets and programs, "Independent" club/org events, sports schedules, religion, courses, Bread Loaf, Spanish, Theta Chi Epsilon, athletic events.
Dates: 1919-1924

Class of 1923 Evelyn Ryle scrapbook, 1919-1923

 Item — Box 68
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents "Book of Friends;" athletics; candy wrappers/packaging; hair; music performance and theatre programs; Christmas; YWCA; Sigma Kappa; invitations/notes; commencement; campus buildings; newspaper clippings
Dates: 1919-1923

Class of 1924, May 25, 1974

Identifier: MOH3
Scope and Contents 1 audio cassette tape containing interview collected by David Stameshkin and Deborah Clifford with members of the Class of 1924 at their 50th reunion in 1974. Topics discussed include: why they chose Middlebury; tuition and economic status of students; the role of fraternities and sororities on campus; "neutrals" (students who were not members of Greek societies); sorority "rooms" in town; cars on campus; school spirit and pride; student housing; student supervision and chaperones; academics;...
Dates: May 25, 1974

Class of 1925 Clyde Fussell scrapbook, 1921-1923

 Item — Box 71
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Scrapbook entitled "My College Days at Middlebury," created by Clyde Fussell, Class of 1925. The scrapbook includes a "book of friends," a Middlebury football team roster, a Middlebury baseball team roster and schedule, a theatre program, a track schedule, a tennis schedule, a drama program, a senior ball invitation, newspaper clippings, a Mead Memorial Chapel service program, and a train ticket. The scrapbook also includes materials related to Kappa Phi Kappa, Dramatic Club, fraternities,...
Dates: 1921-1923

Class of 1928 Napoleon J. Blanchette scrapbook, 1924 - 1928

 Item — Box 85.2
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrabook, compiled by Middlebury College student Napoleon Blanchette from 1924 to 1928, contains paraphernalia from the Chi Psi fraternity house, football and sports memorabilia, campus photographs, as well as autograph sections, dance cards, letters, and other ephemera. Notably, it also includes a photograph of Middlebury students dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, with another student in blackface and posing as a slave.
Dates: 1924 - 1928

Class of 1929 Helen B. Haase scrapbook, 1924-1929

 Item — Box 1
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents This scrapbook, created by Middlebury College student Helen B. Haase '29, contains the contact information of other Middlebury students, photographs, dance and party related materials, correspondence, invitations, programs, Greek activities, and other memorabilia.
Dates: 1924-1929

Class of 1934 Eleanor Parthenia Orde, 1930-1934

 Item — Box 80
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Scrapbook created by Eleanor Parthenia Orde, Class of 1934. The scrabook contains Johnson Art Gallery news clippings, exhibit posters, materials pertaining to sculpture, a book of friends, a football schedule, an athletics record, a train ticket, party invitations, sports schedules, performance programs, a campus map, and a wig and pen. Also includes materials related to the Middlebury Dramatic Club, rushing, sororities, the Middlebury Inn, Chi Psi, the literati ball, and Sigma Kappa.
Dates: 1930-1934

Class of 1935 Walter Wyman Smith, Jr. scrapbook, 1931 - 1935

 Item — Box 87
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains memorabilia from Smith's college years, 1931-1935, including programs (plays, debate competitions including international debate against Oxford University and the University of Puerto Rico, the Parker Merrill speech competition, commencement exercises, church services, variety shows, class day, and sporting events), essays, numerous issues of the Middlebury Campus, various issues of independent and satirical publications (South Painter Gazette, Sig Ep Panther, Supmac...
Dates: 1931 - 1935

Class of 1936 Evelyn Virginia Phillips [Whitney], 1927-1936

Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Scrapbook created by Evelyn Virginia Phillips [Whitney], Class of 1936, containing photographs taken during Phillips' time at Middlebury. Subjects include student life, campus events, commencement, hazing, traditions, bonfires, pipe smoking ceremony, Mountain Club, dorms, fraternities, campus buildings, winter sports and activities, freshman P rade, Winter Carnival, hiking, plays, field trips, the 1927 Middlebury flood, the Chipman Hill ski jump, blue key, Battell Cottage, Starr Hall,...
Dates: 1927-1936

Class of 1940 Donald Taylor Spore scrapbook, 1936-1940

 Item — Box 89, Folder: 6
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains an extensive collection of photographs depicting sports, buildings, fraternities, the Middlebury College campus, student life, and traditions and customs such as the Freshmen Parade.
Dates: 1936-1940

Class of 1940 Elizabeth Clark Cook scrapbook, 1936-1940

 Item — Box 122, Folder: 4
Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents Includes Alpha Chi Delta; graduation picnic; campus buildings; graduation procession; picnics; Winter Carnival; Chipman Hill Ski Jump; Sugaring Off Party; Mountain Club; Snow sculptures; Cane Ceremony; Women's College graduation ceremony, Forest Hall; daisy chain; tree planting; Alumni barbeque.
Dates: 1936-1940

Class of 1941 Margaret Powell Shaub scrabook, 1940-1941

 Item — Box 2
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Scrapbook compiled by Margaret Shaub, Middlebury College Classs of 1941, documenting her senior year. The scrapbook contains dance programs, performance programs, dance cards, letters, bulletins, newspaper clippings from The Middlebury Campus newspaper, a photograph of the Kappa Delta Rho (KDR) house, commencement items, and congratulation cards.
Dates: 1940-1941

Class of 1943 Margaret Bullock scrapbook, 1939-1943

Identifier: A9
Scope and Contents This scrapbook contains an extensive collection of various ephemera, including dance cards, letters, sorority and fraternity realted materials; newspaper clippings; personal objects; photographs; Pi Beta Phi; postcards; official college publications and student publications; valentines; winter carnival programs and related materials, and programs for theatre and music perfrmances.
Dates: 1939-1943

Class of 1946 William C. Percival scrapbook, 1946

 Item — Box 81
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents Winter-time activities; nature; Theta Chi fraternity; friends; mountain club hikes; Chateau waitresses picnic; chemistry class; Winter carnival; performing arts programs; Kake Walk; sports rosters; Middlebury Campus articles; sports calendar; wedding invitations; commencement.
Dates: 1946

Class of 1949 Rachel Louise Adkins scrapbook, 1949

 Item — Box 82, Volume: 1
Identifier: Scrapbooks
Scope and Contents portraits; sketches; commencement; piano recital; acceptance letter; delta kappa epsilon sorority; registration; national war fund receipt; Midd Nite; newspaper clippings; friends; freshmen week rules; dance cards; winter carnival; Christmas time; bouquet; Wesleyan; theatre programs; sorority rush party invitations; romance with man named Jim; sorority bid and initiation; Scullion's ball; summer activities; sports schedule; sports roster; banquets.
Dates: 1949