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Travel writing

Subject Source: Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Alonzo F. Bixby travel diary, 1856-1863

Scope and Contents Includes one bound manuscript diary written by Alonzo F. Bixby during his travels in South America. The diary is very detailed and details Bixby's journey from Boston, MA to Buenos Aires, and his ensuing work and travels in and around Buenos Aires and Montevideo, all over a 14-week period. In Montevideo, he worked under contract to establish a mill site. Bixby notes the names and nationalities of other ships encountered on the seas. Also included are notes on his voyages from Rosario to NY in...

Caroline Akin European travel diary, 1858

Scope and Contents Includes one manuscript travel diary kept by Caroline "Carrie" Akin during her European tour in 1858.

Christopher Hughes letters, 1840-1841

 File — Box 1, Folder: 30
Identifier: C-Misc 37
Scope and Contents Two handwritten letters from Christopher Hughes to Churchill Cambreleng. The first letter was sent from "In Town," the second from Stockholm. The letters discuss Hughes' daily activities as well as details of his travels and people encountered.

Cyrus Hawley letter to Samuel W. Collins, February 24, 1833

 File — Box 1, Folder: 18
Identifier: C-Misc 24
Scope and Contents One letter from Cyrus Hawley to Samuel W. Collins regarding travel through early Alabama and the increasing distress faced by the local Native American tribes.

Diary of a Vermonter's life and travels, circa 1850-1852

Scope and Contents Includes one bound manuscript diary kept by a young Vermont man between approximately 1850 and 1852. The author of the diary describes his life in New England as well as his travels by rail and stage to New York City and Georgia. The author appears to have lived near Greenfield, VT, and hails from an affluent family with ties to New York City. He attended an academy in East Hampton, about which he wrote at length.

Elizabeth Parsons travel diaries, 1844, 1853-1854

Scope and Contents Two manuscript travel diaries kept from May 16th to November 1st, 1844 and from July 25th, 1853 to December 31st, 1854 by anti-slavery Quaker, Elizabeth Parsons of Flushing, NY. In the diaries, Parsons details her travels in England (often by railroad, once with a life insurance ticket), socializing with English Quakers (including Quaker preacher Anna Braithwaite and husband Isaac Braithwaite), as well as Society of Friends meetings and discussions (including anti-slavery). Parsons also...

Ethel Burkart letters, April-May 1925

 File — Box 3, Folder: 33
Identifier: C-Misc 122
Scope and Contents Nine holograph letters and one postcard written by Ethel Burkart during her European travels, sent between April 20 and May 11, 1925. The letters are addressed to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Burkart, her aunt, Sallie, and her sister, Mrs. William G. Hughes. Three of the letters are written on Holland-America Line stationery, and indicate that Burkart traveled across the Atlantic on the SS New Amsterdam. Other letters are written on stationery from the Hotel De L'Europe in the Netherlands,...

Hannah B. Randlett letter, February 24, 1901

 File — Box 3, Folder: 25
Identifier: C-Misc 114
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated February 24, 1901 written by Hannah B. Randlett (b. 1836) in Cairo Egypt to Christine [Rice Hoar]. The letter is written on stationery from the Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo, and describes Randlett's trip to Egypt, including the drownings of the two sons of Alexander C. Humphreys on the journey.

Harry and Ella Fife world trip collection

Identifier: C-94
Scope and Contents Collection contains over 40 holograph letters, over 100 photographs and postcards, and many pieces of memorabilia, such as menus, booklets about the ships, pamphlets, and programs documenting the culture of the countries visited on the Fife's 1934 trip around the world. The letters in the collection are written by the Fife's to their then 10 year-old daughter Nona, in Middlebury, Vermont. The Fifes traveled first class on the presidential series of Dollar Line ships, and began their journey in...

Helen Louisa Phelps Stokes travel journal

Identifier: C-121
Scope and Contents Collection contains Helen Louisa Phelps Stokes' handwritten travel jounral, detailing her travels to Rome, Austria, France, Frankfurt, Germany, and England from April to July, 1905. Journal contains pages with inserted postcards from locations visited.

Hiram M. Hiller travel letter, November 9, 1899

 File — Box 1, Folder: 5.1
Identifier: C-Misc 112
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated November 9, 1899 written by Hiram M. Hiller in Lucknow, India to "Frank" in Kahoka, MO. The letter serves as a report of Hiller's travels through India and Afganistan, with mention of the Great Mutiny. The letter is written on stationery from Bill's Emperial Hotel.

Hopkins Family letters

Identifier: C-83
Scope and Contents Collection contains 12 folders with holograph letters from between members of the Hopkins family. Eight folders primarily contain letters written by Erastus Hopkins to his son, daughter, and granddaughter (names unclear), mostly from Northampton, Massachusetts. These letters mostly contain family news with occasional mentions of religous matters One folder contains "Epistles," written by Erastus, and two folders contain letters written to Erastus by one of his children from Europe. A final...

John Springs letters to A.B. Davidson, 1848-1853

 File — Box 1, Folder: 45
Identifier: C-Misc 54
Scope and Contents Includes 22 handwritten letters written by John Springs to A.B. Davidson in Charlotte, NC between 1848 and 1853. The letters are friendly in nature and contain descriptions of Springs' travels to various places in the United States.

J.S. Walker letters

Identifier: C-90
Scope and Contents Collection contains 5 folders containing holograph letters written by J.S. Walker to his parents. This extensive file of extraordinarily fluent, candid, and detailed manuscript letters details the experiences of the well-heeled, well-connected, strongly opinionated, and bigoted young American expatriate John Sydney Walker from January 1865 to April 1867 in Paris and Geneva. These letters also cover, in young Walker's questions to his parents, and his responses to their questions and news, many...

L. Hommedieu and Sarah B. letter to Henry Reynolds, June 28, 1839

 File — Box 1, Folder: 29
Identifier: C-Misc 36
Scope and Contents One handwritten letter signed L. Hommedieu and Sarah B. and addressed to Henry Reynolds, dated 1839. The letter was sent from Norwich [VT], to Cincinnati, OH, and contains advice by its writers to their nephew traveling west. The letter discusses Westward expansion, and contains spiritual admonitions and family news.

P.A. Bolling letter to Robert T. Hubbard, January 30, 1837

 File — Box 1, Folder: 24
Identifier: C-Misc 30
Scope and Contents Includes one handwritten letter written by P.A. Bolling in Tallahassee, FL, to Robert T. Hubbard in Cumberland County, VA, describing a trip to Florida and an attack by Native Americans in 1837. Bolling (also of Cumberland County) describes his journey to Florida in 1837, and includes news of an attack by Native Americans upon the wagon train near St. Marks, FL.

Schloss Hotel letter, August 15, 1894

 File — Box 3, Folder: 17
Identifier: C-Misc 106
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated August 15, 1894 from "Marie" to "Will." The letter is written on stationery from the Schloss Hotel, in Heidelberg, Germany, and discusses the author's daily activities such as hiking with horses, attending an opera, as well as weather conditions and travel plans.

Shepardson Family letters

Identifier: C-103
Scope and Contents Collection contains approximately 20 handwritten letters exchanged between the Shepardson family between 1892 and 1901. During this time, Shepardson's wife and son appear to have been traveling, writing from such destinations as Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Germany. Letters to Shepardson from his wife and son describe their daily activities abroad. Shepardson's missives often express how much he misses his family, and describe his activities such as lecturing and working on theses. A final folder...

Tracy R. Edson travel diary, 1836

Scope and Contents Includes one manuscript diary kept by Edson, describing his journey from New Orleans to Cuba, and his return to New York via New Orleans and the Missippi and Ohio Rivers in 1836. The entries in Edson's diary describe various events, places, and people he encountered on his journey in great detail. During his travels, Edson appears to be scouting for new branch locations for his engraving firm, as he visited customers (mostly banks and businesses) on his way. Edson elected to travel to Cuba as...

Travel journal of Europe, Egypt, and Palestine, 1857

Scope and Contents Includes one bound manuscript travel diary, likely written by Mrs. R. P. Eaton of Boston (her signature appears on the front cover). The author of the diary sailed from New York City about the steamship City of Washington, landed in Ireland, and traveled through Scotland, England, and Italy. The author then took the steamship Alexandria to Egypt and Palestine.

Wetmore travel letters, 1845

 File — Box 1, Folder: 38
Identifier: C-Misc 46
Scope and Contents Includes four handwritten letters by David Woodhull Wetmore to his wife, Harriet Sharpe Wetmore in 1845. The letters were written during Wetmore's travels abroad in England, and were sent to his wife in Jamaica, NY. The letters were posted from Liverpool (2), Sheffield, and Birmingham.

William S.W. Ruschenberger letter to Ann Ruschenberger, August 22, 1838

 File — Box 1, Folder: 26
Identifier: C-Misc 33
Scope and Contents Includes one handwritten letter from W.S.W. Ruschenberger in London to his mother, Ann Ruschenberger in Philadelphia, sent in 1838. The letter discusses sightseeing in London, Ruschenberger's plans for future writing, as well as his personal life.