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Oral Histories

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 187 Collections and/or Records:

Freeman, Stephen (Director, Summer Language Schools), July 12, 1996

Identifier: MOH123
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Stephen Freeman, Director of the Language Schools and Clara Yu, Vice President for Languages. Freeman discusses how he got a job in the French department; how language schools started; the language pledge; development of SLS; Italian School; Breadloaf; World War II; President Moody; President Stratton; the origin of study abroad; trying to start new programs abroad; Masters programs at Middlebury; Language lab; designing sunderland; women at Middlebury; Eleanor Ross; growth...
Dates: July 12, 1996

Freeman, Stephen (President, faculty), August 12, 1987

Identifier: MOH53
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Stephen A. Freeman, Middlebury College Professor of French, Vice President, Acting President, and Director of the Language Schools, by David Stameshkin. The interview was conducted in the basement of the library. Freeman discusses Harvard; the French department; President Moody; Chateau; Brown University; salary; his publications; being President of the American Association of Teachers of French; qualifications of the faculty; sabbatical; life in the Chateau; French parties;...
Dates: August 12, 1987

Fuentes-George, Kemi (faculty), November 28, 2017

Identifier: MOH154
Scope and Contents

Librarian and Cultures Librarian, Katrina Spencer, engages members of the Middlebury community who trace their origins to the broad black diaspora(s) of the world. Listen to Political Science Professor Kemi Fuentes-George share his thoughts in his own words. Kemi recommends A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James.

Dates: November 28, 2017

Greiner, Joan T. (faculty), June 19, 1989

Identifier: MOH60
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Joan T. Greiner, Middlebury College Professor of Physical Education. Greiner discusses Skidmore; the Snow Bowl; skiing; women faculty; women's athletics; intermural sports; sororities; student activities; women's field on battell beach; Title IX; moving from McCullough to the Field house; coaching tennis; gender discrimination; President Stratton; teaching physical education; running the ski school; ROTC; physical education requirements; gender segregation in classes; co-ed...
Dates: June 19, 1989

Guarnaccia, Sam (Class of 1930, faculty), 1975

Identifier: MOH7
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Samuel Guarnaccia, Class of 1930, as part of the "Middlebury College Oral History Project." Guarnaccia discusses New England private schools; football; athletics; student faculty relationships; sex on campus; strictness on campus; sexual relationships; segregation by sexes; gender stereotypes; coeducation; Harvard; college dances; fraternities; KDI; student jobs; social groups; exclusion of Blacks and Jews in fraternities; President Stratton; student politics; student...
Dates: 1975

Gustafson, Thor (Class of 1939), June 4, 1994

Identifier: MOH97
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Thor Baltzer Gustafson, Middlebury College Class of 1939. During the interview, Gustafson discusses his high school years; the Chi Psi fraternity; baseball; his role as student president of the sophomore class; social issues; war; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; politics; student social life at Middlebury; life after Middlebury; academics; family life; and class reunions.

Dates: June 4, 1994

Hadley, Egbert Charles (Class of 1910, trustee), 1974

Identifier: MOH2
Scope and Contents

1 90 minute interview with Egbert Charles Hadley by David Stameshkin. Interview references Marjorie (Finch) Hadley, and Deborah Clifford. Hadley discusses managing the baseball team; dorm life; compulsory chapel; senior theatre; Middlebury as the "poor man's college"; Harvard; prohibition; drinking around campus; Brainerd; Kellogg; how Middlebury has changed; commencement speakers; Armstrong; comparing presidents; facilities; McCullough gym; athletics; and working on the Kaleidoscope.

Dates: 1974

Haerle, Rudolf K. (faculty), August 8, 1995

Identifier: MOH107
Scope and Contents 2 audio cassette tapes containing interview with Rudi K. Haerle, Middlebury College Professor of Sociology, by Alison Kirk. Haerle discusses coming to Middlebury after Grad school; how he was recruited to Middlebury; his starting salary; President Stratton; recruiting students and faculty; President Armstrong; University of Chicago; sociology department; Anthropology; Olin Robison; Bob Buckeye; the King commisson; minority students; assassination of MLK; retention of Minority students; black...
Dates: August 8, 1995

Hall, Addison C. (Class of 1969), June 3, 1994

Identifier: MOH86
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Addison C. Hall, Middlebury College Class of 1969. During the interview, hall discusses his four years at Middlebury; drug culture; student relationships with faculty members; student social life; living in Vermont; a production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"; and class reunion.

Dates: June 3, 1994

Hamlin, Talbot (Class of 1940), June 3, 1995

Identifier: MOH105
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Talbot F. Hamlin, Middlebury College Class of 1940, by Joice Pangalila at reunion. Hamlin discusses why he came to Middlebury; Hepburn; transporation by train; Middlebury accepted more men than women applicants; no cars allowed on campus; compulsory chapel; contemporary civilization; Charlotte Moody; glee club; choir; athletics; Music department; French department; Dr. Freeman; course requirements; geology; psychology; his work in publishing; his work with aptitude testing;...
Dates: June 3, 1995

Harnest, Grant Hopkins (faculty), March 18, 1986

Identifier: MOH36
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Grant Hopkins Harnest, Middlebury College Professor of Chemistry. Harnest discusses getting a masters in Chemistry at Middlebury; changes in the Chemistry faculty in the 40's; salaries for professors; being an assisting professor; tenure; trustees; building homes; President Bates; how much time he spent with the students; new faculty; administration faculty relations; balancing research and teaching; buying equipment; President Stratton; Stratton's financial priorities; lack...
Dates: March 18, 1986

Harris, William (faculty), February 20, 1989

Identifier: MOH55
Scope and Contents 1 interview with William Harris, Middlebury College Professor of Classics. Harris discusses how he came to Middlebury; how Stratton hired him; admissions; President Armstrong; President Robison; fraternities; tenure; hiring process; faculty administration relations; fund raising; salaries; tuition; how Middlebury was a "poor man's" college; Jewish faculty; why Jewish faculty left; discrimination for tenure; being department chair of the classics; social order; beng married to students; what...
Dates: February 20, 1989

Hawkins, Louise Gove (Class of 1940), June 2, 1995

Identifier: MOH100
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Louise Gove Hawkins, Middlebury College Class of 1940, with Joice Pangalila at Hawkins' 55th reuintion. Hawkins discusses how she found out about Middlebury; what she liked about Middlebury; starting her family; Mountain club; compulsory chapel; biology department; President Moody; town-gown relations; Battell Cottage; student activities; and World War II.

Dates: June 2, 1995

Heibges, Ursula (faculty), December 5, 1991

Identifier: MOH66
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Ursula Heibges, Middlebury College Associate Professor of Classics. During the interview, Heibges discusses the status of Classics in higher education as well as her research interests.

Dates: December 5, 1991

Hennefrund, Elizabeth L. Ring (Class of 1944), June 4, 1994

Identifier: MOH91
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Elizabeth (Ring) Hennefrund, Middlebury College Class of 1944. The interview was conducted at the Class of 1944 40th reunion. During the interview, Hennefrund discusses her life prior to Middlebury; the status of women at the College from 1940 to 1944; sororities and fraternities; academics; the English and American Literature major; political views; how war affected Middlebury College; the V-12 Navy College Training Program at Middlebury; gas rations; athletics; a professor...
Dates: June 4, 1994

Hicks, John (Class of 1941), May 31, 1996

Identifier: MOH114
Scope and Contents 1 interview with John Hicks, Middlebury College Class of 1941, by Tom Alderman. During the interview, Hicks discusses the American literature major; post-graduate academics; World War II naval service; U.S.S. Enterprise; the Battle of Midway and Okinawa; professional career in higher education; Tufts, Wesleyan, and University of Massachusetts, Amherst; small colleges in comparison to large public universities; fraternities; track and field; coach Arthur Brown; affection for Middlebury;...
Dates: May 31, 1996

Hilton "Bick" Bicknell, Class of 1959, 2019 September 19

Identifier: C-174.II
Scope and Contents

Interview with Hilton "Bick Bicknell, Class of 1959. Son Van Bicknell in attendance. Conducted by college archivist Danielle Rougeau in the Davis Family Library.

Dates: 2019 September 19

Hitchcock, Harold Bradford (faculty), April 4, 1986

Identifier: MOH40
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Harold Bradford Hitchcock, Middlebury College Professor of Biology. Hitchcock discussed how he was hired at Middlebury; Breadloaf; President Stratton; Physics dept; expansion of science departments; changes after President Armstrong; his role as the chairman of the Biology department; faculty debating over Winter Term; grants for science research; his fulbright fellowship; his relationship with the adminstration; how Middlebury changed into a little university; the...
Dates: April 4, 1986

Holby, Dana (faculty), 1978

Identifier: MOH29
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Dana Holby, Professor of Dance. Holby discusses how dance improves athletics; dance; stretching; injury; exercises; sports training; developing muscles; sports movement; developing dance classes for sports; dance enrollment; dance curriculum; dance classes for skiing; flexibility; physical condition of students; physicality of men vs. women; and the benefits of dance.

Dates: 1978

Holland, Madison (Class of 2021), November 4, 2020

Identifier: MOH
Scope and Contents

In this oral history interview Madison Holland, Class of 2021, is joined by another member of the Class of 2021 and the two iscuss their reactions to the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump's declaration of a false victory, their hope for the outcome of the election, the current energy on campus, and their hopes for the rest of the Fall, 2020 semester and the Spring semester.

Dates: November 4, 2020

Holmes, Marion (Class of 1933), March 4, 1986

Identifier: MOH34
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Marion Holmes, Class of 1933. Holmes discussed gender segregation on campus; women lacking quality professors because they could only have female professors; sororities; her work as secretary to the registrar and to faculty; her salary; changes to college size; rising cost of tutition; positives about Middlebury College; Winter Carnival; Breadloaf; Forrest Hall; classes in the chapel; compulsory chapel; Hamlin Hall burned down by a student; Robert Frost; President Stratton;...
Dates: March 4, 1986

Hunt, Amy May (Class of 1924), and Carolyn Julia Griffith (Class of 1924), June 4, 1994

Identifier: MOH90
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Amy May (Hunt) Meek and Carolyn Julia (Griffith) Tarbell, Middlebury College Class of 1924. During the interview, Meek and Tarbell discuss being born in Vermont; student social life; academics; American literature; Meek's experience as a math major; Tarbell's experience as a Latin and French major; the desire for normalcy after the war; student social unity; official Lake Dunmore excursions; their teaching careers; desire for greater study of contemporary issues; admiration...
Dates: June 4, 1994

Hutner, Frances (Class of 1940), June 24, 1993

Identifier: MOH80
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Frances Hutner, Middlebury College class of 1940. During the interview, Hutner discusses her family connection to Middlebury; her father's time as faculty member at Middlebury; the economics major; select school for women; intellectual home life; politics; economics; farm issues; co-ops; campus social life; the relationship between Middlebury College and the town of Middlebury, Vermont; research interests; women's economic issues; The Economic Role of Women (1977); Equal Pay...
Dates: June 24, 1993

Illick, John Rowland (faculty), March 16, 1987

Identifier: MOH50
Scope and Contents 1 interview with John Rowland Illick, Middlebury College Professor of Geography. Illick discusses living in China; his world travel; geography; President Armstrong; affluent students; diversity on campus; integration; busing students; lack of diversity in faculty; black student union; minority students; parents' disaproval of geography; geology; lack of faculty in the geography department; number of geography majors; tenure; faculty administration issues; ending the geography program; trying...
Dates: March 16, 1987

J. Allen Fitzpatrick (Class of 1978) interview with Mike Karin (Class of 1959)

Identifier: C181_MOH_a28_karin_mike_fitzpatrick_allen_2023-02-19
Scope and Contents

Oral history interview conducted by J. Allen Fitzpatrick, Class of 1978, with Mike Karin (Class of 1959) in celebration of the 100th-year anniversary of men's ice hockey at Middlebury College.

Dates: 1970-

Jeff McKay, Class of 1965, 2019 November 14

Identifier: C-174.II
Scope and Contents

Phone interview with Jeff McKay '65, from his home in Corte Madera, CA. Conducted by Fred Stetson '65 with college archivist Danielle Rougeau at the Axinn Center Sound Booth, November 14, 2019. Time stamps and keywords available in McKay veteran file.

Dates: 2019 November 14

Joseph, Kizzy (Class of 2018), December 12, 2017

Identifier: MOH156
Scope and Contents Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace their origins to the broad black diaspora(s) of the world. Listen to senior Kizzy Joseph share her thoughts in her own words. Kizzy recommends The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, Audre Lorde, bell hooks and Patricia Hill Collins for readers who are interested in learning more on race and ethnicity. The documentary Kizzy references is the BBC's The Story of...
Dates: December 12, 2017

Jourlait, Daniel (Director, French School), July 8, 1996

Identifier: MOH119
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Daniel Jourlait, Director of the French School. Jourlait discusses the DML; the kinds of students the French school attracts; technology used in the French school; hiring faculty; the language pledge; French stereotypes; United States-France relations; history of France; reputation of SLS; diversifying faculty; summer program for teachers; Battell hall; and duties of the director.

Dates: July 8, 1996

Kasper, Joseph (Class of 1920, trustee), August 6, 1974

Identifier: MOH4
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Joseph Kasper. Kasper discusses faculty-student relations; Storrs Lee; student council; Mr. Hepburn; how he wanted to leave college to work; how he came back to Middlebury; Professor Stevens; Jewish discrimination; religious diversity; socio-economic breakdown; President Moody; Elbert Cole; Trustees; growth of the student body; town gown relations; World War I; hazing; pranking; his college roommate; Harvard; and President Stratton.

Dates: August 6, 1974

Kelly, Elizabeth Walt Baker (administrator), February, 1970

Identifier: MOH1
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Elizabeth Kelly by Ron Nief. In her interview, Kelly discusses former Deans of Women and their reputations, living in Forrest Hall with the students, leading the Student Union, getting to know the students, fraternities, working as a Red Cross psychiatrist, reuniting with her brother in Manila, receiving her degree from Mt. Holyoke, working as a library secretary at Mt. Holyoke, over-enrollment, student parties in apartments, handling noise complaints, student discipline,...
Dates: February, 1970