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College athletes

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Benjy Renton photographs

Identifier: C-184
Scope and Contents This collection contains over 10,000 photographs taken by Benjy Renton during his time at Middlebury. Renton's photographs include on-campus events such as the Justice for Breonna Taylor protest, MiddView Orientation, scenes from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Evolution Dance Crew performances, the Winter Carnival Ice Show, the International Students' Organization (ISO) Food Festival, Winter Carnival, the Blackout Protest in support of higher wages for staff, the M...
Dates: 2018-

Digitized Athletics records binders, 2022

Identifier: 2023.001
Scope and Contents

Digital files containing digitized binders from Athletics. Organized by individual sport, the binders contain opponent history, season recaps, team histories, coaching history, and team records.

Dates: Digitized: 2022

Episode 3, Part I: Chellsa Ferdinand '20 and Sebastian Sanchez '18, August 18, 2020

Identifier: A28_Leaning_Into_Discomfort_Episode_3.1_20200818
Scope and Contents

This episode of Leaning Into Discomfort is hosted by Jourden Delerme-Brown, Class of 2021, and features Chellsa Ferdinand, Class of 2020 and Sebastian Sanchez, Class of 2018. Ferdinand, Sanchez, and Delerme-Brown discuss how their high school experiences prepared them for Middlebury, the experience of attending a predominantly white institution and playing on teams with white athletes, and maintaining their cultural and ethnic identities at Middlebury.

Dates: August 18, 2020

Episode 6: The assumptions we make, October 6, 2020

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_6_20201006
Scope and Contents

Episode 6 of Leaning Into Discomfort with Middlebury Athletics featuring Rene Wells, Director of Education for Equity and Inclusion; Kate Livesay, Women's Lacrosse Coach; Alana Kornaker, Class of 2022; Alex Elias, Class of 2008 and Men's Soccer Coach; and Griffin Price, Class of 2021. During the episode, the participants discuss fostering inclusive environments in Middlebury Athletics and the assumptions that are made about them and that they make about others.

Dates: October 6, 2020

Episode 7: My story matters, October 27, 2020

Identifier: A28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_7_20201027
Scope and Contents

Episode 7 of Leaning Into Discomfort with Middlebury Athletics. The episode features Kate Holly, Class of 2021 and member of the track and field team, and Jordyn Johnson, Class of 2023 and member of the softball team. Holly and Johnson discuss their identity and how it effects their experiences at Middlebury, and diversity at Middlebury. This episode was produced in honor of NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Week.

Dates: October 27, 2020

Episode 8: Admissions and recruiting, November 19, 2020

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_8_20201119
Scope and Contents Digital video file containing episode 8 of Middlebury Athletics' Leaning Into Discomfort series, featuring Peter Kim, Head Women's Soccer Coach and Assistant Track and Field Coach; Emack Bentley, Class of 2022 and member of the Men's Ice Hockey team; Izzy Hartnett, Class of 2020.5 and member of the Women's Soccer team; Martin Beatty, Class of 1984 and Coach of Men's and Women's Track and Field; and Nicole Curvin, Dean of Admissions. During the episodes, the speakers discuss recruitment and...
Dates: November 19, 2020

Episode 9: The anthem and the flag, December 4, 2020

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_9_20201204
Scope and Contents

In the ninth episode of Leaning into Discomfort, members of the Middlebury basketball and football teams discuss the decision to kneel or stand for the national anthem when played before games. This episode features head men's basketball coach Jeff Brown, head football coach Bob Ritter (Class of 1982), Adisa Majors (Class of 2018), Pete Huggins (Class of 2021) and Michael Carr (Class of 2020).

Dates: December 4, 2020

Episode 10: LGBTQ+ student athletes, December 15, 2020

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_10_20201215
Scope and Contents

Episode 10 of Leaning Into Discomfort with Middlebury Athletics features Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach, Katie Ritter (Class of 2015); women's soccer team member, Anna Glovin; Nordic ski team member, Maddie Morgan; and men's swimming and diving team member, Kevin Santoro. All participants in this episode identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community and discuss coming out, their experience at Middlebury, and on athletics teams at Middlebury.

Dates: December 15, 2020

Episode 13: Claire Miller (Class of 2023) and Graham Rainsby (Class of 2021), 2021 March 23

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_13_2021-03-23
Scope and Contents Claire Miller, Class of 2023, and Graham Rainsby, Class of 2021, continue the conversation from the last episode, this time discussing non-apparent disabilities. Miller was born deaf and has cochlear implants, and Rainsby has Stargardt's Disease and is legally blind. Tune in to learn about their experiences.Leaning Into Discomfort with Middlebury Athletics is sponsored by the athletics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and aims to have uncomfortable conversations...
Dates: 2021 March 23

Episode 14: Body image, 2021 April 14

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_14_2021-04-14
Scope and Contents Episode description provided by Middlebury Athletics: Andriy Proctor, Class of 2022 and member of the Men's Soccer team, Marisa Edmondson, Class of 2020 and former member of the Middebury Track & Field team, and athletic trainer Hannah Horris talk about how social media, familial pressures, and injury have impacted their perspectives on body image. Leaning Into Discomfort with Middlebury Athletics is sponsored by the athletics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and aims to have...
Dates: 2021 April 14

Episode 15: Mental health, 2021 April 27

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_15_2021-04-27
Scope and Contents

Head baseball coach Mike Leonard, pole vaulter Victoria Toth, Class of 2021, and baseball player Tyler Leinan, Class of 2024, discuss their lived experiences with anxiety and the importance of destigmatizing mental health.

Dates: 2021 April 27

Episode 17: Pride Month, 2021 June 9

Identifier: a28_leaning_into_discomfort_episode_17_2021-06-09
Scope and Contents

Episode description reads: "June is Pride Month and we are celebrating Middlebury’s LGBTQIA+ community. Tune in to the conversation with women's soccer player Elise Morris, Class of 2022 and former alpine skier Hig Roberts, Class of 2014."

Dates: 2021 June 9

Foote, Missy (staff), 2023-03-27

Identifier: C181_Foote_Missy_Donovan_Beatrice_2023-03-27
Scope and Contents 1 .mp4 file, 1 .m4a file, and 1 .vtt file containing oral history interview conducted on Zoom with former Women's Lacrosse Coach, Missy Foote, and Special Collections Oral History Intern, Beatrice Donovan, Class of 2023.5.Introduction. Roles. Coach starting in 1977. Coached basketball, swimming, lacrosse, field hockey. Associate Athletic Director. Senior Women's Administrator. Director of Physical Education. Retired in 2015. (0:15); Title IX History. Graduated in 1974. Coaching...
Dates: 2023-03-27

Forbes, Wendell F. (Class of 1951, faculty), May 6, 1992

Identifier: MOH72
Scope and Contents

1 interview with Wendell F. Forbes, Middlebury College class of 1951. During the interview, Forbes discusses his graduating class, sports, professional and minor league baseball, his coaching career at Middlebury, football, hockey, golf, baseball, scholar-athletes, as well as the relationship between Middlebury College and the town of Middlebury, Vermont.

Dates: May 6, 1992

Greenberg, Ellie (Class of 2020), 2023-04-12

Identifier: C181_Greenberg_Ellie_Donovan_Beatrice_2023_04_12
Scope and Contents 1 .m4a and 1 .vtt file generated during Zoom oral history interview with Ellie Greenberg, Class of 2020, conducted by Special Collections Oral History Intern, Beatrice Donovan, Class of 2023.5.Introduction. Class of 2020. Women's soccer. Track and Field. (0:06); Experience through Middlebury. Identity. Demand of time through soccer. Closeness of one team. (0:39); Background. Single-sex K-12. All female teachers. All female coaches. (1:55); Adjustment in college. 5 male coaches....
Dates: 2023-04-12

Greiner, Joan T. (faculty), June 19, 1989

Identifier: MOH60
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Joan T. Greiner, Middlebury College Professor of Physical Education. Greiner discusses Skidmore; the Snow Bowl; skiing; women faculty; women's athletics; intermural sports; sororities; student activities; women's field on battell beach; Title IX; moving from McCullough to the Field house; coaching tennis; gender discrimination; President Stratton; teaching physical education; running the ski school; ROTC; physical education requirements; gender segregation in classes; co-ed...
Dates: June 19, 1989

J. Allen Fitzpatrick (Class of 1978) interview with John Atherton (Class of 1993), 2023-03

Identifier: C-181
Scope and Contents

Oral history interview collected by J. Allen Fitzpatrick, Class of 1978, with John Atherton, Class of 1993.

Dates: 2023-03

J. Allen Fitzpatrick (Class of 1978) interview with Mike Karin (Class of 1959)

Identifier: C181_MOH_a28_karin_mike_fitzpatrick_allen_2023-02-19
Scope and Contents

Oral history interview conducted by J. Allen Fitzpatrick, Class of 1978, with Mike Karin (Class of 1959) in celebration of the 100th-year anniversary of men's ice hockey at Middlebury College.

Dates: 2023

Neuberger, Fred (Class of 1950, administrator), May 6, 1992

Identifier: MOH71
Scope and Contents 1 interview with Fred Neuberger, Middlebury College Dean of Admissions, conducted by Tom Alderman. During the interview, Neuberger discusses Middlebury College admissions (specifically the diversity and growth of the student population), the status of Middlebury in higher education, affirmative action and students of color, Middlebury's relationships with historically Black colleges, racism in the South, the Minority Advisory, recruiting students of color at DeWitt Clinton High School,...
Dates: May 6, 1992

Official Visit podcast episode 7: Alex Ritch, August 5, 2020

Identifier: a28_official_visit_podcast_alex_ritch_20200805
Scope and Contents Episode 7 of the Official Visit podcast (not affiliated with Middlebury College) featuring Alex Ritch, Class of 2022. During the episode, Ritch discusses his journey to Middlebury College in Vermont. Alec attended Branson High School and committed to Middlebury to play both baseball and football. Subjects and timestamps: Dreaming of playing college sports since he was 9 (1:19) Why he started his recruiting process so late (6:07) His thoughts on development v. showcasing...
Dates: August 5, 2020

Paquette, Alexis "Ali" (staff), 2023-03-15

Identifier: C181_Paquette_Ali_Donovan_Beatrice_2023-03-15
Scope and Contents 1 .wav file containing oral history interview with Director of Athletic Communications/Assistant Athletic Director, Alexis "Ali" Paquette conducted by Special Collections Oral History Intern, Beatrice Donovan, Class of 2023.5.Introduction. Assistant Athletic Director. Director of Communications. (0:22); Oral history project overview (0:37); Record keepers. History in the College Archives Collections. (1:30); Work on Title IX. Women's sports success. (2:05); Year 50. (2:13)...
Dates: 2023-03-15

Presidential records, by subject, 1959-2018

Identifier: A2.II
Scope and Contents Each series in this subgroup includes records from the Office of the President, sorted by keyword. The first set (#-C, D-F, G-P, Jones, Betty A, Reaccreditation records, Reaccreditation R-Z. and Rohatyn, Felix) are arranged alphabetically. The second set is arranged into thematic series (Ronald D. Liebowitz, Commencement, Residential Life and Commons System, Staff Council, Middlebury Initiative, Fraternities, NESCAC, South Africa Divestiture, and Miscellaneous) and the folders within each...
Dates: 1959-2018

Raunecker, Sarah (Class of 1992, staff), 2023-04-12

Identifier: c181_raunecker_sarah_donovan_beatrice_2023-04-12
Scope and Contents 1 .wav file containing oral history interview with Head Volleyball Coach, Sarah Raunecker, Class of 1992, conducted by Special Collections Oral History Intern, Beatrice Donovan, Class of 2023.5.Introduction. Head women's volleyball coach. Director of Physical Education. 29th year as head coach. 10 years assistant basketball coach. (0:02); Equal treatment as a player. Late 80s. Early 90s. (0:31); Time away from Middlebury. CCI access. (1:10); Women's assistant basketball coach....
Dates: 2023-04-12

Ricker, Justin (Class of 1906), 198x

Identifier: MOH62
Scope and Contents Includes one interview featuring three panelists from the sociology, economics, and anthropology departments. Also includes one oral history interview with Justin Ricker. Vice-presidents Walter Rooker and Bud Leeds (02:45); 49 years as teacher (03:50); president made millions of dollars (04:27); 2 students in his high school class-Elcat and his brother, Jewish faith. "Fired" Elcat from his class (06:25); Elcat's writing career began, thanked Ricker for "firing" him...
Dates: 198x

Siefer's scoop episode 1: Cole Crider, September 8, 2020

Identifier: S9_Siefers_Scoop_Episode_1_Cole_Crider_20200908
Scope and Contents From the Middlebury Campus newspaper website: "Cole Crider [Class of 2023], a member of the men’s football and baseball squads, joins the podcast in its first episode of the school year. A sophomore at Middlebury, Crider was a member of the 2019 football team that set a litany of NESCAC records after going undefeated last year. He also pitches for the baseball team and was set to carve out a role for himself on the squad as a first year. On this podcast, we ask the Nashville...
Dates: September 8, 2020

Siefer's scoop episode 2: Noah Whiting, September 15, 2020

Identifier: S9_Siefers_Scoop_Episode_2_Noah_Whiting_20200915
Scope and Contents Episode description: "Noah Whiting [Class of 2022], a member of the men’s cross country and track and field teams, joins the podcast this week. In this episode, we ask Whiting about how the pandemic has affected the cross country season. What’s it like to wear a mask while running? Does the team have any upcoming intra-team races? How do runners keep their runs fresh and entertaining when they’re quarantined to campus? Also, we chat about his first two years on the cross country...
Dates: September 15, 2020

Siefer's scoop episode 3: Gianna Palli, September 18, 2020

Identifier: S9_Siefers_Scoop_Episode_3_Gianna_Palli_20200918
Scope and Contents Episode description: "Gianna Palli [Class of 2023], a member of the women’s basketball squad, features on the podcast this week. In this episode, we ask Gianna about how the pandemic has affected the women’s basketball season. What has the team been doing to stay in shape? What’s the best-case scenario for this semester? What might the season look like? Also, we talk about her first year in the Panther uniform, which snapped after six games due to an injury. We discuss her...
Dates: September 18, 2020

Siefer's scoop episode 5: Eli Drachman, October 8, 2020

Identifier: s9_siefers_scoop_episode_5_eli_drachman_20201008
Scope and Contents Episode description from the Middlebury Campus web site: "Eli Drachman [Class of 2024] joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast for the fifth episode of the year. A first-year on the men’s swim and dive team, Eli chats about what it’s been like to be a first-year at Middlebury during a pandemic. How has he navigated the social landscape? What is his favorite part about the school? Eli also discusses the guidelines surrounding swim practice and his experience in the pool thus far. He offers his...
Dates: October 8, 2020

Siefer's scoop episode 6: Amanda Frank, October 15, 2020

Identifier: s9_siefers_scoop_episode_6_amanda_frank_20201015
Scope and Contents Episode description from the Middlebury Campus website: "Amanda Frank [Class of 2023], a member of the women’s tennis team, joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast this week. Frank starts the conversation by describing the restrictions that the tennis team faces this semester. What do practices look like? What’s it like wearing a mask while playing tennis? Frank also gives her outlook on the tennis team in general. What’s the team culture like? What does it add to her college experience? Finally,...
Dates: October 15, 2020

Siefer's scoop episode 7: Election issue: Middlebury student-athletes committed to political activism, October 19, 2020

Identifier: s9_siefers_scoop_episode_7_election_issue_20201019
Scope and Contents Episode description: "In this episode of the Siefer’s Scoop podcast, I explore the political activism exhibited by Middlebury student-athletes this semester. I interview a host of athletes and coaches to learn about how our sports teams are fulfilling their civic duty, from ensuring voting registration to calling representatives to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.The podcast features Brinlea La Barge [Class of 2023], a member of women’s tennis; Beatrice Donovan [Class of...
Dates: October 19, 2020