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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 109 Collections and/or Records:

19th century love letter, May 20, 1862

 File — Box 2, Folder: 18
Identifier: C-Misc 76
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph love letter dated May 20, 1862, written by "Julius" and addressed to "Cate."

Ann Beattie correspondence

Identifier: C-82
Scope and Contents Collection contains two folders containing correspondence between Ann Beattie and Greg Gatenby between 1984-2005. The letters are both personal and professional in nature, as their writers discuss writing, the Harbourfront Reading Series and Festival (mentioning authors in attendance such as Margaret Atwood and J.K. Rowling), and their personal lives. It is clear from the letters that the two are friends. Most of the letters are typed (some are print-outs of emails), and Gatenby and Beattie...

Bachelder letters, 1885-1902

 File — Box 3, Folder: 7
Identifier: C-Misc 96
Scope and Contents Seven holograph letters sent to Cale Harold Bachelder and Mrs. C.C. Bachelder from various senders. The letters discuss family news as well as pharmacology and the University of Michigan.

Barton Hill letters, 1859

 File — Box 2, Folder: 14
Identifier: C-Misc 72
Scope and Contents Includes two holograph letters written by Charles Barton Hill, an actor and theatre owner to Julia Foster and Livy Hill of Buffalo, NY in 1859. The letter to foster, a dear friend of Hill's wife, suggests that the couple has been experiencing problems in their marriage.

Brook Farm correspondence

Identifier: C-151
Scope and Contents The Brook Farm correspondence totals one box (19 folders), autograph letters, signed, to and from some of the founders and participants in Brook Farm. Most folders include copies of typewritten transcriptions. Of particular interest: John Allen's, James Kay's, John Orvis's, and John Sullivan Dwight's lengthy and descriptive letters relating to Brook Farm and other matters; Elizabeth Blackwell's feminist viewpoints, including those about a woman's role in medicine, as well as her own struggles...

Brooks House letters, 1890

 File — Box 3, Folder: 14
Identifier: C-Misc 103
Scope and Contents Three holograph letters (dated September 21 and 22, 1890, one undated), signed "R.E." and addressed "Wife." The letters are written on Brooks House stationery. Brooks House was located in Brattleboro, VT, and "R.E." makes a note that he has written one of the letters on his way to Boston, MA from Brattleboro.

Camp Grant World War I letters, October-November, 1917

 File — Box 3, Folder: 32
Identifier: C-Misc 121
Scope and Contents Five holograph letters dated October-November, 1917, written by "Will" at Camp Grant in Rockford, Illinois, to his sister during World War I. The letters describe life in bootcamp, construction work on Camp Grant, and Will's involvement in a music band.

Captain John Dryer letters to Magoun and Son, 1846

 File — Box 1, Folder: 41
Identifier: C-Misc 49
Scope and Contents Includes four handwritten letters providing an account of the damage and repair of the merchant ship Timoleon of Boston in 1846. The letters are written by Captain John Dryer in Fayal, Azores (Portugal) to the owners of the ship, Magoun and Son in Boston. The Timoleon had been severely damaged during a storm at sea on February 11, 1846 and docked at Fayal for repairs.

Carrie E. and Carrie J. Aiken letters

Identifier: C-123
Scope and Contents Collection contains mostly handwritten letters and some typescript letters addressed to Carrie Evelyn Aiken and Carrie Joie Aiken from various senders between 1884 and 1903. Most letters have accompanying envelopes. Many of the letters are personal in nature and detail the senders' daily activities. Collection contains one folder of handwritten letters to miscellaneous recipients from 1885 to 1938. Collection also contains various miscellaneous items including an 1899 map of Ceylon,...

Cephas Rockwood letters

Identifier: C-95
Scope and Contents The Rockwood letters paint a picture of the life of Cephas Rockwood, an up and coming lawyer from Chester, Vermont. The letters are mostly between Cephas and Lovista Foote of Canton, New York, regarding their courtship and future life together. These letters are quite intimate and also demonstrate the inherent difficulty in holding a long distance relationship during the 19th century. Furthermore, the letters document Cephas's rise to legal prominence, both in Vermont and later in Wisconsin...

Ceylon plantation letter, August 6, 1926

 File — Box 3, Folder: 34
Identifier: C-Misc 123
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated August 6, 1926, signed C.C.H. "Kit" in Pelmadulla, Ceylon to his mother. The letter discusses the family business and life on a rubber plantation in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Charles Reed letter, February 10, 1859

 File — Box 2, Folder: 13
Identifier: C-Misc 70
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by Charles Reed in Montpelier, VT to J.B. Hill, Esq, requesting correspondence between his late father, Joseph Reed (1766-1859) and Hill's father.

Cline Family letter, October 21, 1883

 File — Box 3, Folder: 4
Identifier: C-Misc 93
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated October 21, 1883 from the Cline Family in Hartford City, IN to Orlo L. Cline in Greencastle, IN. The letter discusses religion and education in rural Indiana.

Corinne Davids collection of J.J. Lankes woodcuts and letters

Identifier: C-54
Scope and Contents Collection primarily contains correspondence and prints. Correspondence includes letter written by either J.J. or J.B. Lankes, usually to Corrine Davids. Collection also contains woodcut bookplates, Christmas cards, and mementos printed by Lankes. Note that some items in this series are also signed by Lankes. This series also contains cutouts from magazines and newspapers pertaining to Lankes, multiple various obituaries for J.J. Lankes, miscellaneous notes and letters by Lankes, and...

D. Shepardson letter, July 18,1882

 File — Box 3, Folder: 2
Identifier: C-Misc 91
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated July 18, 1882 written by Rev. D. Shepardson, president of the Young Ladies' Institute in Granville, OH to Cora Whitcomb in Hebron, OH. The letter discusses pursuing a career teaching painting and early women in the workforce.

E. Kearsley Sterling letters, May-June, 1901

 File — Box 3, Folder: 26
Identifier: C-Misc 115
Scope and Contents Three holograph letters dated May 10, June 5, and June 6, 1901, written by E. Kearsley Sterling at Fort Leavenworth, KS to Nancy Wilson Post in Hartford, CT. The letters discuss Sterling preparing for duty in the Philippines.

Edward Honan World War I letters, 1916-1917

 File — Box 3, Folder: 31
Identifier: C-Misc 120
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters dated February 23, 1916 and December 12, 1917, written by Edward M. Honan to his sister Esther Honan in Lebanon, Indiana. The letters were sent from the University of Michigan and Camp Taylor, Kentucky, respectively, and discuss Honan's thoughts on the United States' preparedness to enter World War I, life at Camp Taylor, holiday plans, and make mention of General Leonard Wood and Admiral Robert Peary, the Arctic explorer.

Erastus Fairbanks business records, 1841-1856

 File — Box 1, Folder: 32
Identifier: C-Misc 39
Scope and Contents Contains business records of Erastus Fairbanks, including five handwritten letters addressed to Fairbanks, a bank draft, and handwritten account book.

Erastus Phelps Civil War collection

Identifier: C-98
Scope and Contents Collection contains 334 holograph letters, and 4 diaries (3 war date). Also included is a bound volume containing handwritten notes from Phelps' time at Albany Law School. Collection also contains a photographic class album from the Middlebury College class of 1861. Album includes salted paper prints of members of the class and faculty, with each image signed by the subject. Some later images are pasted on facing the original images. Collection also includes (stored separately) Phelps'...

Ethel Burkart letters, April-May 1925

 File — Box 3, Folder: 33
Identifier: C-Misc 122
Scope and Contents Nine holograph letters and one postcard written by Ethel Burkart during her European travels, sent between April 20 and May 11, 1925. The letters are addressed to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Burkart, her aunt, Sallie, and her sister, Mrs. William G. Hughes. Three of the letters are written on Holland-America Line stationery, and indicate that Burkart traveled across the Atlantic on the SS New Amsterdam. Other letters are written on stationery from the Hotel De L'Europe in the Netherlands,...

F. Hiscox letter, December 14, 1885

 File — Box 3, Folder: 8
Identifier: C-Misc 97
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated December 14, 1885 written by F. Hiscox in New York, NY to Arvilles Little in Montville, OH. The letter discusses cures and remedies for deafness.

Folsom letters, 1862-1881

 File — Box 2, Folder: 19
Identifier: C-Misc 77
Scope and Contents Includes two holograph letters written to and from members of the Folsom family. The first letter is dated September 9, 1862, and is from Margaret C. Folsom in Brattleboro, VT to George Folsom in New York City. The second letter is dated September 26, 1881[?], and is from [Helen S.] Folsom in Niagara Falls, NY to Mrs. George Folsom in Brattleboro, VT.

Frances A.M. Harrison letter, March 6, 1882

 File — Box 3, Folder: 3
Identifier: C-Misc 92
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated March 6, 1882 written by Frances A.M. Harrison in London to "Bessie." The letter discusses British music, opera and theater, English state actor Sir Henry Irving, and Italian-French opera singer Adelina Patti.

General Clinton Dugald MacDougall papers

Identifier: C-106
Scope and Contents Collection contains holograph letters written to and by MacDougall. Letters are primarily personal in nature (collection contains many letters written by MacDougall to his wife, Eva Sabine MacDougall, as well as from miscellaneous friends, family members, and associates). Collection also contains miscellaneous documents produced by and related to MacDougall, including a handwritten address (perhaps by MacDougall) intended for an audience of some kind, photographs of MacDougall, as well as...

George Humphrey letters, 1893-1894

 File — Box 3, Folder: 15
Identifier: C-Misc 104
Scope and Contents Four holograph letters written between 1893 and 1894 by George Humphrey in St. Louis, MO to his brother Albert P. Humphrey in Proctor, VT. Three of the letters are written on Vermont Marble Company stationery. The letters discuss the family marble business, life in Vermont, and the St. Louis branch of the Vermont Marble Company.

George Oppen letters

Identifier: C-39
Scope and Contents This collection consists of 32 letters written by George Oppen to various recipients (including Cid Corman and Paul Auster) between 1960 and 1980. No return correspondence is included. The collection includes both typescript and holograph letters, most of which discuss literary matters, with some mentions of Oppen's personal life and his experiences running To Publishers in France. One letter to Paul Auster was dictated by Oppen to his wife near the end of his life and discusses the effect that...

George Rafferty letters, 1899-1900

 File — Box 3, Folder: 22
Identifier: C-Misc 111
Scope and Contents Five holograph letters written between 1899 and 1900 by George Rafferty, Company "K," 13th U.S. Infantry Regiment in the Philippenes. Three of the letters are addressed to Rafferty's cousin B.S. Rhodes in Montville, OH, one to his sister "Katie," and one to "Sister and Brother." The letters describe Rafferty's experience during the insurgency during the Philippene-American War.

G.P. Claflin letter, February 6, 1862

 File — Box 2, Folder: 17
Identifier: C-Misc 75
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by G.P. Claflin from Boom Falls Station, Mendi Mission in Papua New Guinea. Claflin writes seeking assistance and describes the geographic location of his mission (probably Sierra Leone, which is where the Mende language is primarily spoken). He also comments on the progress of the mission work, and the attitude of the local population towards the missionaries.

Gudrun Brug papers

Identifier: C-28
Scope and Contents According to Healy's account of her correspondence with Gudrun Brug, the letters "are a record of a friendship between two writers." The letters, written by Brug and received by Healy, involve Brug's loves, single motherhood, religion, modernism, Brug's and Healy's novels, and Brug's attempt to have a memorial built on the site of the Synogogueplatz in her home town of Forchheim. Healy also notes that in a sense, each of the women wrote their novels in these letters, as they would share...

Hannah B. Randlett letter, February 24, 1901

 File — Box 3, Folder: 25
Identifier: C-Misc 114
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated February 24, 1901 written by Hannah B. Randlett (b. 1836) in Cairo Egypt to Christine [Rice Hoar]. The letter is written on stationery from the Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo, and describes Randlett's trip to Egypt, including the drownings of the two sons of Alexander C. Humphreys on the journey.

Harry and Ella Fife world trip collection

Identifier: C-94
Scope and Contents Collection contains over 40 holograph letters, over 100 photographs and postcards, and many pieces of memorabilia, such as menus, booklets about the ships, pamphlets, and programs documenting the culture of the countries visited on the Fife's 1934 trip around the world. The letters in the collection are written by the Fife's to their then 10 year-old daughter Nona, in Middlebury, Vermont. The Fifes traveled first class on the presidential series of Dollar Line ships, and began their journey in...

Heath Family letters, 1857-1866

 File — Box 2, Folder: 12
Identifier: C-Misc 69
Scope and Contents Includes 16 holograph letters written by the Heath family betwee 1857 and 1866. Senders and recipients include Eliza Heath, Charleton Heath, Elvira Heath, Edwin Heath, Sarah K. Heath, and Isaac Heath. The letters were written from Bow NH, Winona WI, and Chippewa Falls WI.

Helen Abel Buffum letters

Identifier: C-58
Scope and Contents The collection consists of two series: Helen Abel Buffum letters, and Clara M. Buffum manuscripts. Helen's letters comprise 20 folders and are primarily from her second husband, Harlan C. Brown, between 1935-1937. Collection includes both holograph and typescript letters. The second series contains handwritten schoolwork, poetry, and stories written by Clara May Buffum. While the work in these four folders is undated, Clara May Buffum...

Helen M. Tarbell letters

Identifier: C-56
Scope and Contents Collection contains 1 box, with 2 folders. The collection includes 24 holograph letters, 4 typed transcriptions, 2 printed deeds, 2 receipts, and 1 printed probate notice.The Helen M. Tarbell letters comprise letters to and about Tarbell ranging in date from 1862-1926, the majority dating from 1864 through the early 1870's. A debilitating spinal weakness ended Tarbell's employ as governess for the family of Liet. Col. Thomas H. Johnson near Beaufort, South Carolina in 1864, but Tarbell...

Hiram M. Hiller travel letter, November 9, 1899

 File — Box 1, Folder: 5.1
Identifier: C-Misc 112
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated November 9, 1899 written by Hiram M. Hiller in Lucknow, India to "Frank" in Kahoka, MO. The letter serves as a report of Hiller's travels through India and Afganistan, with mention of the Great Mutiny. The letter is written on stationery from Bill's Emperial Hotel.

H.M. Parsons missionary letter, February 6, 1851

 File — Box 2, Folder: 3
Identifier: C-Misc 60
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by H.M. Parsons in Cuba to "Brother." Parsons' letter discusses the trials of missionary life in Cuba, Catholic "rituals," family news, and communicates his general discouragement.

Holmes slavery letters, 1852-1859

 File — Box 2, Folder: 4
Identifier: C-Misc 61
Scope and Contents Includes three holograph letters (one photocopy). One of the letters (photocopy) is written by Amanda Holmes, a former slave, to Martha A. Harrison of Baltimore, the wife of her former master, asking if she could purchase her children in 1857. Holmes' children were still owned by Mrs. Harrison, who apparently would not release them to their mother. A second letter, also by Holmes to Harrison, includes another attempt to purchase her children, and also demonstrates the familial relationship she...

Hopkins Family letters

Identifier: C-83
Scope and Contents Collection contains 12 folders with holograph letters from between members of the Hopkins family. Eight folders primarily contain letters written by Erastus Hopkins to his son, daughter, and granddaughter (names unclear), mostly from Northampton, Massachusetts. These letters mostly contain family news with occasional mentions of religous matters One folder contains "Epistles," written by Erastus, and two folders contain letters written to Erastus by one of his children from Europe. A final...

Hotel Bradford letters, 1885-1890

 File — Box 3, Folder: 6
Identifier: C-Misc 95
Scope and Contents Twelve holograph letters sent between 1885 and 1890 from "John" at the Hotel Bradford in New York City to "Honey." The letters are likely addressed to the writer's wife, and contain daily news and also mention the couple's child.

H.W. Pond letter, February 1, 1869

 File — Box 2, Folder: 25
Identifier: C-Misc 83
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated February 1, 1869, written by Mrs. H.W. Pond in San Francisco, CA to Mrs. Sarah B. Perry in Groveland, OH. The letter discusses various family tragedies, such as the death of Perry's daughter in a steamship accident and Pond's stillborn child.

Invitation to annual hop dance, June 22, 1881

 File — Box 3, Folder: 1
Identifier: C-Misc 90
Scope and Contents One printed invitation to an annual hop (dance), dated June 22, 1881. The hop was to be held at the Town Hall in Washington, PA. The invitation is addressed to William E.A. Hunter and Lady.

Isaac Bevier archive

Identifier: C-111
Scope and Contents Collection consists of 11 handwritten letters by Bevier to his parents from 1862-1864 during his time of service in the Civil War. Also included are photographs from the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the 44th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry.

J.A. Shearman Samoa letters, 1888-1889

 File — Box 3, Folder: 11
Identifier: C-Misc 100
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters written between 1888 and 1889 by J.A. Shearman in Saoluafata, Samoa and Apia, Samoa to "Sister." The letters discuss the Samoan War, the USS Nipsic, and the 1889 Samoan Hurricane.

James Whitcomb Riley papers

Identifier: C-77
Scope and Contents Collection contains 22 folders, containing six holograph poems, fourteen holograph letters, and one typescript letter. All of the poems in the collection have been published in Inter alia: The Complete Poetical Works of James Whitcomb Riley (New York, Grosset and Dunlap, 1937). Of the fifteen letters in the collection, only one has been published. The letters are written to longtime friend of Riley, Howard S. Taylor. The letters are personal as well as literary in content and cover the years...

Jennie Mateer letters, 1888-1896

 File — Box 3, Folder: 10
Identifier: C-Misc 99
Scope and Contents Nine holograph letters written between 1888 and 1896 by Mrs. S.J. Kirkwood (Jennie Mateer) in Wooster, OH to her mother, Mary N. Mateer. The letters describe Christian life in the United States during the 19th century.

Jerome Klinkowitz collection of Walter Abish writings

Identifier: C-20
Scope and Contents The collection primarily consists of letters and proofs of stories sent by Abish to Klinkowitz. In many instances, the stories include notations and editorial remarks (presumably by Abish and Klinkowitz). The contents of Abish's letters suggest that the two men developed a friendship following an initial interview of Abish by Klinkowitz. Abish and Klinkowitz sent their work to one another for commentary and review. Works sent by Abish to Klinkowitz are in individual folders with their enclosing...

J.H. Massey Letters (digital facsimiles)

Identifier: C-55
Scope and Contents Collection contains digital scans of 163 handwritten letters written by J.H. Massey during his time in the English Army (Cheshire Regiment) during World War II. Most of the letters were written and sent from Palestine, and discuss naval life, the Cheshire Regiment, England, World War II, the Middle East, and the English Army. The letters in this collection were written by Massey to his wife, Barbara, in England.

Joe Gabriel Yukon Gold Rush letters, 1897-1904

 File — Box 3, Folder: 20
Identifier: C-Misc 109
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters written by Joe Gabriel in Dawson City, Northwest Territory, Canada, to Nellie White in Chehalis, WA. The letters are dated December 1, 1897 and April 1898. Gabriel's letters express his enthusiasm and optimism regarding the Yukon Gold Rush. He writes to White about a business idea in which he would take photographs of the Gold Region and sell them to other prospectors to send home as souvenirs. Gabriel also asks White to send items on a lengthy list of supplies.

John A. Williams letter, June 2, 1849

 File — Box 1, Folder: 48
Identifier: C-Misc 57
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by Thomas [?] in Boston, MA to John A. Williams in Brookline, MA. The letter primarily consists of friendly news and the writer mentions that he wishes he had time to see Williams.

John L. Mateer letters, 1894-1895

 File — Box 3, Folder: 16
Identifier: C-Misc 105
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters written by John L. Mateer to his mother, Mrs. Mary N. Mateer. One of the letters, dated May 26, 1894, was sent from Pueblo, CO, and the other, dated April 10, 1895, was sent from Peking, China. The letters provide a personal narrative of the the Protestant mission effort in China in the late 19th century.

John Springs letters to A.B. Davidson, 1848-1853

 File — Box 1, Folder: 45
Identifier: C-Misc 54
Scope and Contents Includes 22 handwritten letters written by John Springs to A.B. Davidson in Charlotte, NC between 1848 and 1853. The letters are friendly in nature and contain descriptions of Springs' travels to various places in the United States.

J.S. Walker letters

Identifier: C-90
Scope and Contents Collection contains 5 folders containing holograph letters written by J.S. Walker to his parents. This extensive file of extraordinarily fluent, candid, and detailed manuscript letters details the experiences of the well-heeled, well-connected, strongly opinionated, and bigoted young American expatriate John Sydney Walker from January 1865 to April 1867 in Paris and Geneva. These letters also cover, in young Walker's questions to his parents, and his responses to their questions and news, many...

Legee love letters, 1930-1934

 File — Box 3, Folder: 35
Identifier: C-Misc 125
Scope and Contents Five holograph letters sent between August 17, 1930 and November 18, 1934, by "Legee" to Ann Wild, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The letters, sent from various locations, describe the travels and activities of a traveling glass company salesman, and are an example of Depression-era love letters.

Leicester Hemingway collection of Ernest Hemingway and Hemingway Family archives

Identifier: C-50
Scope and Contents The Hemingway Family Archive joins Hemingway archives in more than 75 private and institutional collections, the most distinguished of which include those at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, in Boston, and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Compiled by writer Leicester Hemingway (1915-1982), the younger brother of Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), in the process of researching and writing his biography, ...

Leola Burpee letters, 1870-1871

 File — Box 2, Folder: 27
Identifier: C-Misc 85
Scope and Contents Five holograph letters sent between 1870 and 1871 to Leola Burpee in East Sullivan, NH by Helen Buttles[?].The letters are very detailed and include gossip and shared news between the two female friends

Letter describing a ball and a party, March 18, 1854

 File — Box 2, Folder: 10
Identifier: C-Misc 67
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter dated 1854 and addressed to Molly[?] from her friend in West Brattleboro. The letter describes a ball and a party.

Letter describing a trip from Geneva to Paris, August, 1877

 File — Box 2, Folder: 29
Identifier: C-Misc 88
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated August 20-30, 1877 written by "Uncle John" to his nephew. The letter describes a trip over the Alps from Geneva, Switzerland to Paris, France.

Letters from Lincoln, Vermont, 1873-1874

 File — Box 2, Folder: 28
Identifier: C-Misc 87
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters dated April 12, 1873 and May 8, 1874 written by "Ade" in Lincoln, VT to V.N. Atkins in Warren, VT. The letters contain family news.

Letters from Norfolk, Virginia, May-December, 1915

 File — Box 3, Folder: 30
Identifier: C-Misc 119
Scope and Contents Three holograph letters (one dated May 12, 1915), written by "Joe" in Norfolk, Virginia, to "Frank," discussing their mother's illness.

Leveridge Family letters, 1865-1870

 File — Box 2, Folder: 21
Identifier: C-Misc 79
Scope and Contents Includes three holograph letters written by members of the Leveridge family. The first two letters are written by Maria L. King in Warsaw, IN to John B. Leveridge in [Goshen, IN], and are dated July 2, 1865 and September 7, 1865. These letters discuss soldiers returning home from serving in the United States Civil War, farm life, and family news. The third letter is written by Jeff S. Leveridge in Goshen [IN] to Maria L. King in Warsaw, IN, and is dated April 10, 1870.

L.M. Dinall letter, April 7, 1884

 File — Box 3, Folder: 5
Identifier: C-Misc 94
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated April 7, 1884 written by L.M. Dinall in Randolph, NY Dr. M.C. Talbott in Limestone, Cattaraugus County, NY. The letter contains spiritual exhortations regarding the death of Mrs. Talbott as well as discussion of spiritual gifts.

Louis Untermeyer correspondence

Identifier: C-53
Scope and Contents This collection primarily consists of typescript and holograph letters written to Louis Untermeyer between 1916 and 1977. Untermeyer frequently wrote to unknown or little-known poets when he appreciated their work. Correspondents include Stanley Burnshaw, Robert Grant Burns, Allen Ginsberg, John Tagliabue, Guy Daniels, Peter Viereck, Myron Wilder, and others. The letters typically pertain to the poetry of Untermeyer and his correspondents, and also include works that were mailed to Untermeyer...

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater letters, 1852-1854

 File — Box 2, Folder: 5
Identifier: C-Misc 62
Scope and Contents Includes four holograph letters written by Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater in Fairfield, CT to William H. Mitchell, William Coppinger, and the Office of the Biblical Repertory between 1852 and 1854. The letters primarily concern Atwater's articles in and subscriptions for the Biblical Repertory and the Princeton Review.

Mary Page Parr letter, January 13, 1886

 File — Box 3, Folder: 9
Identifier: C-Misc 98
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated January 13, 1886 written by Mary Page Parr in Cook County, IL, and addressed to "My dear Friends." The letter discusses the Quitman School fire, and expresses the writer's dislike of the South and its abundant racism. Parr also mentions the American Missionary Association, of which she and her husband were likely members.

Mobile, Alabama letter, April 9, 1869

 File — Box 2, Folder: 26
Identifier: C-Misc 84
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated April 9, 1869, written by "Old Brown" at Kusplah Station in Mobile, AL, to Alice J. Green. The letter describes adapting to life in Mobile and the painting of children's portraits.

Muskingum River flood letter, May 2, 1860

 File — Box 2, Folder: 16
Identifier: C-Misc 74
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by C.H. [Caton?] in Dresdon, OH to "friend Dora," dated May 2, 1860. The letter describes the flooding of the Muskingum River, and its effect on the town. Water levels rose two feet, bridges were washed away, and the canal and railroad were destroyed.

Nancy Wilson Post letters, 1901-1902

 File — Box 3, Folder: 27
Identifier: C-Misc 116
Scope and Contents Six holograph letters dated 1901-1902, written by Nancy Wilson Post in Hartford, CT, to E. Kearsley Sterling in Manila, Philippines. The letters were written during the Spanish-American War.

Nichols Alaska letter, May-November, 1903

 File — Box 3, Folder: 28
Identifier: C-Misc 117
Scope and Contents Two holograph letters dated May 19, 1903 and November 28, 1903, written by Mrs. Nichols in Nome, Alaska, to Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Lockwood in Salem, OR. The letters describe Mrs. Nichols' experiences managing a roadhouse for prospectors near Council, Alaska.

Noyes and Weston letters on Taxbury v. French, 1854

 File — Box 2, Folder: 9
Identifier: C-Misc 66
Scope and Contents Includes two holograph letters written by C. Noyes (Atty) and William Weston in Burlington, VT to Samuel S. Carter regarding Taxbury v. French.

Pamela Parkie letters, 1865-1868

 File — Box 2, Folder: 23
Identifier: C-Misc 81
Scope and Contents Three holograph letters addressed to Pamela Parkie. One letter is dated August 21, 1865 and features cross-hatced writing. Two of the letters are written from Salisbury [?], signed Stockton S. Hall, and are dated January 12, 1868 and January 22, 1868.

Peter Gumber letter 127, August, 18--

 File — Box 3, Folder: 23
Identifier: C-Misc 127
Scope and Contents One holograph letter written from Knowlton Falls, Ohio by Peter Gumber to Mr. E. Foulk in Findley Ohio. The letter is dated August, 18[?]. The letter shares friendly news and expresses Gumber's desire to resume contact with Foulk, as the two have not communicated in some time.

Phi Beta Kappa (PBK), 1830-2016

Scope and Contents This collection is divided into two series: (I) records and (II) publications produced by Phi Beta Kappa at Middlebury College.Records include account books, bylaws, minutes, addresses given at ceremonies, and, primarily, correspondence. Records are arranged depending upon the individual by whom they were produced: Stephen Freeman (secretary/president of the society from approx. 1936-1970) and Eric L. Davis (PBK secretary from 1980-1993). The first three folders of Series I...

R.B. Campbell letter, June 15, 1853

 File — Box 2, Folder: 8
Identifier: C-Misc 65
Scope and Contents Includes one holograph letter written by R.B. Campbell in New Orleans, LA to his son Richard [Campbell] in 1853. The letter discusses rumors of a possible slave revolt in New Orleans, reporting that "near 2500 negroes from the coast & city were attempting to fire the city & city prisons & rob and in fact the police & military were on part of the night but it all turned out to be a hoax or nearly so."

Reginald L. Cook collection

Identifier: C-4
Scope and Contents From the mid-1920s until Frost's death in 1963, Reginald L. Cook, Middlebury College graduate, professor, head of the American Literature department, and long-time director of the Bread Loaf School of English, kept detailed notes of all his meetings with Robert Frost. The resulting journals include records of private conversations, trivia such as what Frost wore and ate, and transcriptions of Frost's formal lectures. The diary entries are presented with accuracy rather than style, by the...

Reverend Bishop E. J. Isbell letter to Reverend James Dougherty, September 15, 1845

 File — Box 1, Folder: 40
Identifier: C-Misc 48
Scope and Contents One handwritten letter discussing American Prostestant Society ministers' salaries. The letter is written by Reverend Bishop E.J. Isbell in Montgomery, VT to Reverend James Dougherty in Milton Falls, VT.

Richardson and Manning Family archive

Identifier: C-101
Scope and Contents Collection contains manuscript family letters and related papers, 1844-1875, documenting the lives of Abijah Richardson, Jr., and his wife, Frances M. Manning Richardson of Medway and (later) Lawrence, Mass. Letters are often loving and informative, written by Abijah to his wife and parents in Medway, while he and his brother-in-law, Alvan W. Manning, sought their fortunes in California during the Gold Rush, 1852-1856. In total, there are 10 letters concerning the Gold Rush, in which Richardson...

Robert Buckeye correspondence

Identifier: C-14
Scope and Contents The correspondence in this collection between Buckeye and various authors was typically started by Buckeye when he invited them to speak at the Middlebury College library as a part of the speaker series he implemented during his time at the College. In a number of cases, communication developed into friendly correspondence. Authors with whom Buckeye corresponded with frequently include Bob Arnold, Carol Berge, Nicholas Delbanco, Lyle Glazier, and Mitchell Goodman. Box 1 contains 47 folders for...

Robert M. Mateer letter to Mary N. Mateer, March 1, 1889

 File — Box 3, Folder: 12
Identifier: C-Misc 101
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated March 8, 1889 written by Robert M. Mateer in Onarga, IL to Mary N. Mateer in Monroe, GA. The letter discusses mission finances, church fund raising, and Protestant missions in China.

Robert M. Mateer letter to Mrs. S.J. Kirkwood, February 4, 1901

 File — Box 3, Folder: 24
Identifier: C-Misc 113
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated February 4, 1901 written by Robert M. Mateer in Santa Ana, CA to Mrs. S.J. Kirkwood (Jennie Mateer) in Onarga, IL. The letter provides some account of Mateer's time in China as a missionary.

Sarah Goodwin shipwreck letter, August 1865

 File — Box 2, Folder: 20
Identifier: C-Misc 78
Scope and Contents Includes two holograph letters (separated by vertical folds) written by shipwreck survivor Sarah Goodwin, dated August 6 and 16, 1865. The letters describe the shipwreck of the sidewheel steamship Golden Rule on Roncador Reef off the coast of Nicaragua. Following the breaking up of the ship on the reef, the passengers escaped via life rafts and were shipwrecked for 11 days. Goodwin notes in her letter that one million and a half dollars in treasure was lost in the wreckage, as well as the life...

Schloss Hotel letter, August 15, 1894

 File — Box 3, Folder: 17
Identifier: C-Misc 106
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated August 15, 1894 from "Marie" to "Will." The letter is written on stationery from the Schloss Hotel, in Heidelberg, Germany, and discusses the author's daily activities such as hiking with horses, attending an opera, as well as weather conditions and travel plans.

Scott Family collection

Identifier: C-153
Scope and Contents Collection contains materials primarily related to the family of Marjorie Holbrook Scott and includes family photo albums, scrapbooks containing clippings from magazines and newspapers, photographs, photographic negatives, correspondence, Marjorie Holbrook Scott's school work, and other family documents. Most of the older photographs in the collection are portraits of family members, while the photographic negatives (dating from the early mid 1900s) appear to depict boating and family trips,...

Seaton Schroeder letter, June 12-14, 1898

 File — Box 3, Folder: 21
Identifier: C-Misc 110
Scope and Contents One holograph letter dated June 12-14, 1898 written by Seaton Schroeder in Santiago, Cuba, to his wife (addressed "Dear old Lady"). The letter provides an account of the United States naval attack on Cuba during the Spanish American War.

Shepardson Family letters

Identifier: C-103
Scope and Contents Collection contains approximately 20 handwritten letters exchanged between the Shepardson family between 1892 and 1901. During this time, Shepardson's wife and son appear to have been traveling, writing from such destinations as Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Germany. Letters to Shepardson from his wife and son describe their daily activities abroad. Shepardson's missives often express how much he misses his family, and describe his activities such as lecturing and working on theses. A final folder...

Sinclair Lewis letters

Identifier: C-78
Scope and Contents Collection contains 26 holograph and typescript letters from Lewis to Guthrie, from 1926 to 1933. Letters are both personal and professional, touching on subjects from Sinclair's marriages to his writing process. See index for details about individual letters.

S.J. Kirkwood letters, 1889

 File — Box 3, Folder: 13
Identifier: C-Misc 102
Scope and Contents Eleven holograph letters written between March 31 and July 15, 1889 by S.J. Kirkwood, to his wife, Mrs. S.J. Kirkwood (Jennie Mateer) in Wooster, OH. The letters describe Kirkwood's European travels.

Susan Bachelder correspondence, 1847-1856

 File — Box 1, Folder: 44
Identifier: C-Misc 52
Scope and Contents Includes four holograph letters written to Susan Bachelder (Mrs. Charles Greenleaf) of Hollowel, ME by various senders between 1847 and 1856.

Susan Reed papers

Identifier: C-104
Scope and Contents Collection includes approximately 135 items, including letters, postcards, documents, photographs, and photographic negatives, the bulk of which appear to date between 1944 and 1953, including several letters from Susan Reed to her husband James Karen and her mother Isadora Reed while on the road. Also included are letters to Reed from Irwin Parnes (promoter), Sydney Locker (instrument dealer), Albert Gayzagian, and others. Subjects include radio play, recordings, touring, and Reed and Karen's...

Swift Family letters

Identifier: C-59
Scope and Contents Collection contains holograph letters written to Fred Swift, primarily from his mother, Fannie, brother, Herbert, and sisters, Eva abd Bella. Eva also includes notes from [her daughter?] Jessie, who appears to be quite young, and often writes to Fred of her cats. Note that a number of letters from Fannie include notes from Eva. The collection also includes miscellaneous correspondence, including one note from a cousin, Annie. Letters pertain to the domestic lives of the women and their...

Swift Paris letters, 1845-1847

 File — Box 1, Folder: 39
Identifier: C-Misc 47
Scope and Contents Includes four handwritten letters written by Swift to "Mary" from Paris, from 1845 to 1847.